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All you want to know about toothbrush bristle

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When we buy a toothbrush, we often only focus on the style, pattern, color, handle, and price, but choosing the suitable toothbrush filament is the most important thing.


Toothbrush bristle material

All you want to know about toothbrush bristle(图1) 

The bristle materials used for toothbrushes currently on the market mainly include nylon (PA) bristles, PBT bristles, PP (polypropylene) bristles, and PET composite material bristles.

Different toothbrush bristles have different abilities to clean the oral cavity.


(1) Nylon brush filaments are generally divided into ordinary filaments and Dupont filaments. DuPont filament is a high-quality nylon thread, strong and wear-resistant. The bristles of Dupont filament toothbrushes are relatively hard and have strong cleaning ability. They are usually hard-bristled toothbrushes sold in supermarkets.


(2) PBT bristles are soft, more caring for gums and enamel, with good resilience, and the brush wire is not easy to deform and has a long service life;


(3) PP brush filaments have poor resilience, are easy to bend and fall back, and the bristles are too hard. If you brush too much, it will damage the gums and increase the gap between the teeth. It is mostly used in hotels or some relatively cheap toothbrushes.


(4) PET bristles are a composite material whose price is between PP and nylon, similar to nylon, but with poor resilience.


The diameter of the toothbrush bristle

Generally, the diameter of adult toothbrushes is between 0.18-0.28mm, the diameter of children's toothbrushes is 0.12-0.15mm, and the diameter of some electric toothbrushes can reach 0.05mm.



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