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How to clean the paint brush?

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1. Prepare two water containers, a small comb, a bucket of paint thinner, and a clean rag;

2. Fill the container with water, put some paint thinner in it, and soak the paint brush in it for 15 minutes;

3. Take the brush out of the container, and use a small comb to comb the residual paint on the paint brush;

4. Put the paint brush into another container filled with clean water, soak it for about five minutes to soak up the paint thinner, and then shake it slightly in the container;

5. Wipe the brush with a clean rag and dry it in the sun.

How to deal with the brush of high temperature resistant paint?

First of all, after brushing, the high temperature resistant paint remaining in the burrs should be removed first, and then cleaned with a solvent.

Secondly, when cleaning, first use a solvent to remove the residual paint, then clean it with a clean detergent, and wrap the brush with paper or cloth after drying.

Third, if you need to use it frequently, you need to immerse the bristles of the brush in clean water. When immersing, it is best to hang the brush vertically to prevent the bristles from being bent and fluffy and affecting the construction. The next time you use it, just spin the water dry.

Finally, if the high-temperature paint brush is to be kept clean, the dry paint on both sides of the brush stick should be removed. If the bristles on both sides of the paint brush are worn off, the short hairs can be trimmed before use.

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