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PBT Tapered Brush Filament

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PBT Tapered Brush Filament

In the domestic market, the material used for most tapered brush filament is PBT polyester.

In our daily life, tapered brush filament is everywhere. It is also widely used.


Toothbrush filament

PBT monofilament has excellent properties such as good elasticity, lodging resistance, easy coloring, and easy sharpening.It is the first choice for high-grade toothbrush bristles.

As we pay more and more attention to oral health care, PBT soft bristles can effectively reduce the bleeding of gums when brushing teeth.

Possibility, so more and more consumers of all ages.



PBT pure resin is mixed with PET and other materials to make wigs and false eyelashes.

It has a natural luster and feels similar to human hair, soft, smooth, and bright in color, and the tows are scattered and not assembled. It is the best choice for high-end wigs and false eyelashes choice.



In the case of less and less animal hair and increasing market demand, PBT has excellent elasticity and flexibility and is an ideal substitute.

After the industrial production of PBT resin, PBT monofilaments replaced pig bristles and soon became available. promotional use.


After the organic matter is heated, it is stretched into silk, which is a chemical fiber.


So how is the pbt brush filament sharpened?


The general chemical method used for this material is to treat it with hydrolysis (hydrolysis reaction), so the chemical can be sharpened.



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