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Synthetic fiber-PET

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1. Synthetic fiber

Synthetic fibers are different from natural fibers. According to their molecular composition, they have unique properties such as high strength, light weight, easy washing and quick drying, good elasticity, and no fear of mildew.


At present, their application in the field of brush filaments is gradually surpassing natural fibers.


As a large category of synthetic fibers, polyester fiber has been favored by all walks of life since it was successfully developed in 1941. It has developed rapidly and has become the largest variety of synthetic fibers.

2. PET

Although PET and PBT belong to polyester fibers, their properties are different, so the application fields of these two fibers are not completely the same.

Among them, the trade name of PET fiber in our country is polyester, which is only a kind of polyester fiber. Due to the easy availability of raw materials and excellent performance, polyester has become the fiber with the largest output and widest application in chemical fibers.


The produced PET fiber has

high strength

good elasticity

Excellent heat setting performance

heat resistant

Acid and alkali resistance


3. Application of PET


Polyester is easy to process and low in price, and is widely used in the brush industry.

In the brush filament industry, the brush filament made of PET is easy to wash and dry quickly, and the ester bond in the molecule has strong oxidation resistance, and is not easily damaged by detergents, soaps and other products.


At the same time, PET fibers are not easily corroded by microorganisms, so the durability of brush filaments is better.

PET is stable in size and shape after heat setting.


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